Interview – One Tree Planted

Written by MjauJuly 24, 2017

What kind of approach do you see environmental activists like yourself taking in order to alert your audience of climate dangers, while still engaging them and offering a sense of hope?

We like to engage with our followers in a way that brings Hope. People don’t want to hear doom and gloom all the time. People have become desensitized to all the scare tactics. People want to be inspired and make a difference. While still offering important news and how they can help.

What is the focus of One Tree Planted?

We like to share good news about people changing the world with campaigns, new products, new companies that are making a difference.

Why do you consider planting trees as the best thing to do for the improvement of the environment?

Why trees? We focus on the 6 pillars of trees. Trees help clean the AIR we breath, cleans the WATER we drink, help with BIODIVERSITY loss, helps sequester CARBON from the atmosphere, help provide SOCIAL IMPACT, and provide HEALTH in so many ways.

What are some of the teams or companies you have joint and aligned with in order to create more progress for One Tree Planted?

We work with over 600 companies, you can find on our website of Partners the companies that have helped plant over 500 trees. They help us by donating, promoting, volunteering and awareness.

What do you hope for in the upcoming years for One Tree Planted to accomplish?

We hope to plant 1,000.000 trees in 2017 and 3,000.000 by 2020. Our focus is to plant trees. That’s all we do and focus on.

I noticed in your company timeline that the creation of your website propelled more of a following, as a fellow blogger myself, would you agree that technology and the internet can advance more world wide interest in environmental causes?

Technology has helped people organize and get together, it helps spread the word to thousands of people with just one simple Share or Like. It helps send money and donations in a much faster and simpler way. It helps us talk with companies and have meetings with them even if they are in a different state, country or continent. That would have been impossible or very expensive if not for technology.

Is there ways for the public to be involved in One Tree Planted? For example through volunteering, joining the staff, donating etc.?

We encourage people to help One Tree Planted by donating, becoming Tree Ambassadors and planting trees in their communities, volunteering (we hold 2 tree planting events a year), by sharing our website and social media to get the word out.