4 Easy Ways To Be a Conscious Consumer

Written by Kajsa IngelssonDecember 13, 2018

Shopping.. You either love it or hate it. But let’s be honest here, I know far more people who love it than the latter. The problem is that our current shopping addiction is a driving force behind many of the threats to our planet; plastic pollution, palm oil production, fast fashion destruction..

However, more and more sustainable and ethical companies are popping up, putting pressure on already existing longtimers to review the way the go about business. There’s an app to check just how sustainable a company is; download Good On You asap!

Here’s a few other tricks you can use to become a conscious consumer;

Make a list:

A well thought out list of needs. Do I want this? HELL YEAH. Do I need it? *checks list* No. Ok, I put it back. Honestly, it builds character and makes life so much easier cause you are not swimming in crap or duplicates at home.

Don’t follow your impulses:

This list of yours will help you with nr two on the list, which is setting your emotions aside and instead making rational decisions when it comes to your purchases. There are very few items that I’ve regretted not buying the moment. Most of my regret purchases are ones from in the moment.

Go vintage on that b.tch:

Quality checks out with all the oldies and goodies who got some years to them. Check out our very own vintage chic directory to find a store close to you 🙂

Ask ask ask and you shall receive something for life:

Do I need it? It it well made? Does it fit into my lifestyle? Is it ethical? Will it last? What’s the repairability?

Individual action = collective power. Together we are changing the world honey bees! 🐝