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Great news! As an individual YOU can make a big difference for this planet. But with all the information and green-washing floating around out there, it can be hard to know exactly what steps to take to become greener and more eco-conscious.

To kickstart your new life with ease, I pulled together the top things you can do to tread lighter on our planet. Just click on the mjau colored links to get all the info behind the advice + further tips & tricks.

Eat a plant-based diet.

Live by the four R’s – Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

Save our oceans and their rich and complex marine life by reducing your overall plastic consumption.

When traveling – use CoolEffect, StandForTrees, CarbonFund or TerraPass to easily offset your carbon.

Make sure to be on top of your water footprint.

Visit your neighborhood farmers market and buy locally produced, organic and non-gmo foods. Our pollinators and farmers will thank you!

Watch this film.

Save the earth’s lungs, the multi-diverse rainforests, by saying no to palm oil.

Consume less and when you do shop, opt for vintage and sustainable brands.

Remember that you as the customer have the power! Ask questions and demand transparency.

Take your health into your own hands and learn how to heal yourself naturally. 

Make a vow to yourself to always do the best you can. Inspire change by talking to people around you about your journey and leading by example.

Get all the info you NEED TO KNOW about climate change by watching these movies.

Here’s a great list of some movies on veganism.

Choose renewable energy for your home and be smart about your energy use.