Back to the wild

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJuly 13, 2016

Yesterday my friend Adriana and I decided to go to Manuel Antonio National Park. A stunning place, it was lush and green and filled with l i f e. I felt amazed by the design of nature and my fellow beings. Completely present in the moment, I was feeling so connected and calm. I was enjoying the company of my friend and exploring my surroundings with the curiosity of a child.

It got me thinking, why do humans destroy the planet? It makes no sense to destroy and kill the very thing sustaining you. I think that maybe it’s because somewhere along the way we got disconnected from nature. We started to look at ourselves as a single, separate entity. Separated from nature and all the other living beings walking the earth.

This is not only dangerous (since we as a rule do not care about things we do not feel connected to or passionated about) but also insane. I think that this feeling of every human being her own island is the reason why we have so much unhappiness and cruelty in our society today.

So I’m suggesting a cure; let’s go back to our roots. We were all created from stardust, we are all connected. We are all the universe manifesting itself in different forms.

Let’s go hang out with nature! It can be a garden, a forest, a park, basically anywhere where there is some green stuff growing and maybe even some animals residing. Kick your shoes off and let your bare feet feel the grass and soil underneath you. Smell the flowers, hold a leaf between your fingers, hell, climb a tree if you get the chance to! Go back to the wild, connect and find your peace.

(there is a sloth on the third picture in the middle btw)

IMG_2755 (1)