Countryside POLO

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 4, 2016

We took of early this morning to head out to a horse farm on the countryside about 2 hours outside of Buenos Aires. I was so excited to meet and ride some horses. It’s one of my favorite animals for sure, they are just so noble creatures.

We started of with some empanadas and wine, during which we learned about the rules of the game, the ponies and the equipment. After this we were showed to an arena to watch a game. To be honest, I never really experienced a game before. Its quite brutal. They are banging into each other and the horses do not have that much protection at all. Hmm.. I do not really see how that is ok.

This was the last time that I am ever going to partake in using animals as entertainment.

Lunch was served after the game, a traditional Argentinean asado (BBQ). I had the vegetarian version and it was very good. Plenty of food and good quality of the produce. You know I looooove that.

After a little food coma and some cuddling with the farm dog (apparently a little pervert haha) it was time to jump up on the horses to play our own mini game. I scored a goal, even though the mallot (stick you hit the boll with) was so heavy! My arm is going to be so sore tomorrow…

My favorite part was after all this when we got to the the horses out on the fields of the farm. I took of galloping and Mr C had no choice but to follow since his horse took of after mine. It was the most free I felt in a long time.

As soon as we get our house, wherever it might be, I am so getting a horse. End of story.