Countryside Weekend, Sweden

Written by Kajsa IngelssonAugust 15, 2020

This is truly one of the most relaxing weekends I ever had with my family. Located only 2 hours (depending on your speed hehe) from Malmö with car, you will find yourself in a completely different world from the hustle of the city.

We arrived to The Swedish Quarry House on one of the hottest weekends in August, but I can say with confidence that any season will be enjoyable in this little gem of a house in the forest!

Mom was super excited about.. well.. EVERYTHING!
The spare bed upstairs leads out to one of two balconies where you can enjoy your morning lemon water and listen to the sounds of nature.
Epsom Salt bath with a forest view? Don’t mind if I do!
Mr. Tiny keeping a keen eye on everything going on around the big dining room table.
There was a bountiful of different greens in the garden beds.
Getting ripe and ready in the sun 🙂
As fresh as can be!
View of the blue house from the veggie garden.
Who lives in here?…
Mr. Tiny was truly in his wolf element.
Blackberries to be!
Many moments were spent lakeside.
Wild raspberries!
Done after a day by the lake!
The kitchen is super well equipped and spacious, making it easy to whip up any meal! We had some of my best creation to date during this trip!
Here’s the recipe for these garlic marinated mushrooms!
Good night world!
Our morning-walks were so peaceful
Breakfast in the form of an organic berry salad!
Ah yes.. The naked swims..
Best friends furever!
A lil yoga session.
Simply just enjoying life to its fullest!
The area is calm, with a few cute houses like this one.
Mr. Tiny and I decided to take a walk around the quarry, located 4 min from the house!
The joy!
Early evening, golden light..
These raw vegan peanut butter desserts are a dream from Green Queen in Malmö!
Made a new friend!
That morning dew.
I found the most amazing flower garden and butterfly haven!
Last thing we did before returning to the city..
Same second we left, the rain started to fall.
Someone really doesn’t want to leave.

Good bye for this time! We will most certainly be back!