Dont cry for me Argentina

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 21, 2016

*Singing* Ohhhh dont cry for me Argentinaaaaaaa!

The last night here was well spent at Green Bambu with a wonderful friend of mine. They have killer cocktails and a super cool space. I get super fuzzy and silly when I am there (as you can see in the picture, hehe). Good times.

Its funny how you always get nostalgic before leaving a place. The things that seemed so bothersome during my entire stay doesn’t seem so big anymore. All I see is the beauty. But I guess that is a good thing to be able to do, letting go of the bad and keeping the good. It’s my motto in life. It takes being completely present in the now and breathing deep into the belly while letting go.

So bye bye Argentina.. On to the next stop on the Life of Mjau world tour.. Where will I wake up tomorrow?


The little kitten on the picture walked me home.. I wanted to take him with me so bad, but he told me he wasn’t to hot on flying.. 😛 Oh well, at least we had a moment of eternity together.