Hot 6 with a holistic doctor

Written by Kajsa IngelssonOctober 16, 2016

Next up to answer our HOT 6 questions is Simon Theriault. Simon is a man who helped me tremendously on my road to recovery. I went in for a chiropractic adjustment and came out with a whole new perspective on health and 10 more sessions booked :P. I’m a big fan of his healing methods and highly recommend you to pay a visit if you are around Montreal!

What is it that you do? Who would benefit from seeing you?

I am a holistic doctor. I have mainly studied chiropractic and applied kinesiology. I also studied the influence that emotions and energies have on our bodies. My goal is to help my patients to have optimal health, being the best version of themselves. My job is to show the person where he’s having blocks in his or her body.

When a person comes to visit me in my office they will have physical or emotional pain. The cause of the symptoms can be physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic, sometimes a combination of all of the above or a few. I have a couple of different tests that I use as diagnostic tools: a regular chiropractic test that I use to check the bone structure (orthopaedic test) and a type of muscle testing that I use as a neurological test and energetic test. I also do some physical manipulations (joint, muscle, cranial, bone, viscera est) but always perform this in total harmony with the body.

The typical patient visiting me is a person who wants to have a deep understanding of what’s going on in their own body. Usually the person in my office is open to work on a wide range of fields: physical, nutritional, emotional and energetic. 

There is so much pressure in today’s society to have it all, see all and be all. How do counter the stress that this brings and find balance in your life?

When we feel pressure, it always comes from inside of ourselves. A situation occurred that created an outside reaction, but the outside is only a reflection of the inside. This means that every situation where we are experiencing pressure or other negative emotions holds a great opportunity to look at what’s going on inside of ourselves and to heal. When we look inside and shine light and put harmony on whatever block that created the reaction, the stress disappears.

What does it mean to you to live a healthy life?

A healthy life means being in balance. Balance is a state we reach when what we think, say and do are aligned. When we are aligned we crave good, nutritious food, we move our bodies and meet people who resonate with us. To be healthy we have to clear anything toxic in our lives. It’s important to do this step by step, one thing at a time and look at every aspect of our lives when doing the clearing. Ask for help and see a professional that can help you with the process.

What are the top three things you do to contribute to saving this planet?

  1. Loving myself. We can only share what we are.
  2. I have respect for every little thing. Humans, animals, flowers, water and so on.
  3. Every act counts.

What are your favorite health habits/routines?

Waking up in the morning and being thankful for being alive. Doing meditation, yoga and stretching. Drinking green smoothies, keeping my house clean and clutterfree. Showing up to work and healing people. Having hobbies, right now I’m building a dining room table for my house! Spending time with family and friends, dancing, laughing and the most important, praying to God.

What’s the best advice you have for us on how to live life to the fullest?

Be fearless, let your light shine and live your best life!