Hot 6 with an Osteopath

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJune 6, 2021

I have tried many different healing techniques over the years. Osteopathy is one that I keep coming back to, since its many different forms of rehabilitation and treatment in one session. I invite you to read the following interview with my osteopath in Puerto Vallarta to get a better understanding of why a healer like this might be what you need in your life.

What is it that you do?

I, Greg Soucy, graduated with a Diploma of Osteopathy from ENMMO (Escuela National Mexicana de Medicina Osteopatía). This training differs from U.S. Osteopathic training in that it is based solely on comprehensive natural approaches to overall wellness and does not include allopathic modalities such as prescription drug therapy and surgery. I look to find and achieve harmony in all the 11 systems of the body

I use different bodywork approaches including Osteopathic Manipulation, Applied Kinesiology, Myofacial techniques, Cranial Sacral, Neuromuscular Therapy and Massage.

I incorporate wellness assessments using applied kinesiology for dietary matters, stress evaluation and reduction; a major focus being to provide information to encourage re-establishing balance and knowledge on how to stay well.

I also realign and re educate the muscles how to relax and move. All this is considered a vital part of any wellness program.

Who would benefit from seeing you?

Those who would benefit from seeing me, would be anyone who is having pain, soreness and limited range of motion. Or feeling off from their normal state of being.

What does it mean to you to live a healthy life?

To me to live a healthy life, is when you can do what your heart desires. Move with grace and pain free across this earth. To be happy in mind, body and spirit. 

What are the top three things you do to contribute to saving this planet?

1. Try to eat more sustainably, to purchase and consume what is grown or harvested from 20 miles from our home. 

2. Use Solar for power.

3. Recycle and reuse.  

What are your favourite health habits/routines?

Some of my favourite health routines are Yoga, Paddle boarding, and hiking hidden waterfalls here in Puerto Vallarta

What’s the best advice you have for us on how to live life to the fullest?

The best advice to life life to the fullest would be to follow  your heart and dreams. Work with passion and joy and the money will follow.