How to handle your ecogreif

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJanuary 23, 2018

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. It’s a very strange time to be alive.

Fires, hurricanes, droughts, floods.. Each year wins the award for “hottest year on record.”

All of us, regardless of where we live, can recognize the changes around us and feel the fear and stress this causes. It’s frustrating, because when I look around, even though most people and governments have acknowledged the truth of climate change and it’s serious effects, it seems like most largely ignores the problem and continues with “business as usual.”

I mean, our only freaking planet is dying!! We and all other living beings are dying with her, and we just go on like “yeah ok fine someone else will fix this (looking at you God).” Sometimes I just cry, its too much with all the bad news and info, not to mention the ignorance from people when I look around. I don’t wanna adult anymore. Whatever, i’m gonna go hide forever.

But I pick myself up. Because the thing is, our planet needs our individual action and outrage right now. It’s of utmost importance. We need to root ourselves deep into the ground and live a life that’s sustainable, happy and healthy. This is not a problem we can hide from and it’s not just gonna go away.

So there will be no rest for the wicked.

Here are some ways to reload, recharge, reground, reboot to get you back on track living your rainbow warrior life.

  • Center yourself. A daily walk, mindfulness meditation, journal writing, playing music, time alone with tea looking out the window—whatever rocks your boat. For me, meditating and hiking with my dogs makes me camley come down into myself again.
  • Seek community. We must not be alone on this journey. You do not, I repeat, you do not have to carry this all on your shoulders. Find friends who share your concerns and beliefs. Finding people only has never been easier than it is today.
  • Spend time in nature. This is major. Go out into the woods, on the beach, park, wherever and hug a tree. Touch the leaves, feel the grass under your feet. See all the colors, movements, patterns, notice all the sounds and smells. It turns out that time in nature is excellent for mental health. A Japanese practice called Forest Bathing invites us into the woods to truly breathe in the tonic of nature. And check this post out about earthing. It will leave you feeling less depressed and remind you of what you are fighting for.
  • Feel your grief. Don’t bury your feelings, they will make you sick. This was a major one for me.. I wouldn’t allow myself to cry, and I even thought I was crazy for feeling as much as I do. But I now realize that this is my strength. So I cry, scream and shout. I feel it all, and it is what drives me to take action. My grief does not allow me to take part of the collective insane denial of the situation. And for thank, I am grateful.
  • Practice gratitude. Give thanks for the earth and the good she brings us. Thank the trees for their shade and oxygen. Thank the plants and animals and human laborers who provide the food on your plate. Remember the many things that are deeply good about our planet.
  • Let’s all go spiritual gangster on it. Pray, send reiki, blessings and healings to everyone and everything that needs it the most. Don’t sweat it about weather it will work or not, just to it from an open heart and you’ll be good. The universe is so complex (i mean, think about for a sec) so who’s to say what’s real or not?
  • Let go of guilt. We did not know. Now we do, and we act differently. Do your best to make positive change. You are part of the solution.
  • Focus on the good. We’ll get more of what we are focusing on. Don’t close your eyes and look away when looking upon all the greed, violence, and waste. But see it for what it is, and then return to focus and work on what you can change and all the good news around.
  • Seek balance. Take care of yourself. Tired? Rest. Hungry? Eat. Sad? Cry. Pace yourself, and rest. This is not a sprint, and you must attend to all parts of your life to find balance and peace within.

The world needs you and your light, my special star! Take care of yourself and your soul, and all your efforts will be coming from a place of love instead of fear.

That’s what’s needed more than ever.