Written by Kajsa IngelssonFebruary 13, 2017

Life has been a bit messy lately. As we slowly move into spring, my little family and I are narrowing down our search for a permanent home. This nomad life is wonderful, but after 1,5 years it starts to wear you out a bit.

Anyhow, after a 5 day layover in Miami we are now in Lisboa, Portugal. It’s a wonderfully beautiful and colorful city and I cant wait to explore it with my loves. It’s also quite nice from a fitness perspective as I have never seen a city with so many hills. Up and down we go and working out the a*s and legs while doing so!

So tomorrow is valentines day. Say what you want about it: wonderful day of love or a pseudo holiday made up to make us consume more; love it going to be in the air.

Show a random act of kindness and love to someone you don’t know today!

Whatever we put out in the universe we get back. So by helping, caring, loving other people, you are actually doing the same to yourself. We are all one, we are on this planet together. Let’s stop the hate and separation and spread love and acceptance instead 🙂 Love1  IMG_0208