Plant a tree for free with a click!

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 14, 2017

.. we will take back our power and control from the big corporations and corrupt politicians. More and more people are waking up to the truth everyday. The truth that is that there is no need  for us to harm other living beings or this planet for our survival. We don’t need to eat meat to thrive, use pesticides and herbicides to grow our crops, dress in leather to keep warm, burn coal for energy or measure our success by money. It’s a one way street to destruction.

Yes, saving the world just as changing and growing personally can be very frightening and at times extremely overwhelming. But who said you need to do it all the same time? Baby steps my friend.. Little by little and we’ll reach our destination together!

What if I say that you can plant trees just by using a search-engine on your computer? It’s real and we are loving every click of it!

So far ecosia¬†planted well over 6000000 trees with the income they are getting from the search ads. Now that’s something I call a mega baby-step for this planet! Don’t waste any more precious searching, click on the link above to start using this awesome friend of earth!