Q&A with No. 2

Written by Kajsa IngelssonNovember 2, 2020

I have been seeing my life thru a new pair of lenses lately. With the massive amount of information and unsustainable practices going around, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed. From plastic to palm oil, fossil fuels and deforestation, the problems seem never ending..

However, feeling overwhelmed usually doesn’t lead to any action but rather makes one shut off. So, I decided that I’m going to focus on making sustainable swaps on the items that I use the most in my everyday life.

Enter toilet paper! Let’s face it, we all poop, some more than others (looking at you Mr. C), and most of us use toilet paper to clean up our dirty business. Imagine how many trees we literally wipe and flush down the toilet everyday? Well, you dont have to bother anymore because I found a sustainable option for us! Let me introduce you to the sustainable TP company No. 2!

Please enlighten us of why we need to switch toiletpaper asap by giving some easy to digest information!

Some fascinating and eye-opening facts:

  1. Americans consume 20% of the world’s toilet paper. 
  2. Most toilet paper usage in the US comes from Canada, depleting their forests and causing devastating environmental damage.
  3. American taste for toilet paper made from tree pulp – fluffy and soft – is worse than driving a hummer.
  4. By using bamboo toilet paper, you will save 384 trees in your lifetime.

What are the sustainability issues when it comes to regular toilet paper?

Cottonelle, Charmin, Quilted Northern and most other toilet paper brands are made from trees. Why this is bad? See articles on this topic above in the links.

What makes you different?

 No.2 toilet paper is…

  1. Plastic free
  2. Packaged with recycled materials that are recyclable
  3. Septic safe
  4. Forest Stewardship Council & Responsible Forestry certified
  5. 100% bamboo 
  6. 3-ply for a luxury experience
  7. Butt crumble free
  8. Reducing carbon BUTTprint

In other words, no trees are cut down for the production of toilet paper. No plastic is used to package the toilet paper. In addition to being eco-friendly, the quality of the toilet tissue is 3-ply and strong, allow for a butt crumble free experience. 

On your webpage you are hailing bamboo to the skies, tell us a bit about this miracle tree!

  1. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide in comparison to other plants.
  2. Bamboo protects the environment as it grows and even helps to reduce soil erosion
  3. Bamboo forests mature in 4 to 6 years versus the 20 to 50 years it takes for trees to recover from harvesting.
  4. Bamboo plants thrive in depleted soil and when it is cut, the stem is left in the soil to sprout a new shoot and start the growing process again.

Building a company, how important do you think it is to think of terms such as zero waste and minimal carbon impact? How are you incorporating these values?

These terms are widely used by society at the moment, and it puts us on the same page. Toilet paper is ultimately not “zero waste” because you’re still flushing something down the toilet. To be totally zero waste, you’d need to wash your butt and dry it with a reusable towel. I think the best part about No.2 toilet paper is that it is a happy meeting point between thinking about the impact on the environment by switching something that you use every day and still getting the luxury and convenience of using a disposable product.

The design of your rolls are so fun! Where do you get your inspiration for the different patterns?

The designs are a mix of current fashion and inspiration from wallpaper brands.

What countries are you serving right now and do you have any plans on expanding your market?

USA and Canada.

Lastly, what’s your top three tip on how to become a green eco warrior?

I don’t think we have any tips on this. We don’t prove to be the best eco warrior out there. We’re simply an option for an easy switch of something you use every day. Making this kind of impact is easy. All small drops become the ocean as they say..