10 Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJanuary 21, 2020

A family dear to me is overweight. I see them struggle, as they know that the big servings and countless sugary treats they are entertaining now is not sustainable for their health. Yet I sense the disempowerment and stress when they are thinking about implementing change. Maybe you recognize yourself in this, or maybe you know someone who does.

I myself have been going up and down in weight. However, the last few year I settled into my body and i’m maintaining a healthy weight with ease. These are the tips I want to share with you to reach the same point of balance.

Focus on how you want to feel, and not how you want to look.

Looks are ever changing, but true health comes from within. Try to think about how you want to feel as a result of changing your eating habits. Ask yourself a few questions and write down the answers. Maybe keep the answers as a background on your phone or put them on your fridge as a daily reminder. Here are some simple examples:

  • I want to feel light.
  • I want to feel energized.
  • I want to feel free.
  • I want to feel empowered.

Eat the rainbow.

The prettier your plate looks, the more likely you are to get a wide rage of nutrients and enjoy your food. There are so many different fruit and vegetables out there, and plenty ways to prepare them. Don’t be scared to try something new and step outside of your box. Involve your kids in the process and have them pick three different vegetables a week and help to prepare the food.

Set up a routine.

The human body responds well to routine. Energy, sleep, eating, and digestion are just a few of the processes that are affected by your body’s internal clock. Creating a routine that honors the body’s rhythms is key in maintaining good health.

The middle of the day is when the body is primed to digest; thus, it’s best to have your largest or heaviest meal at this time while keeping your dinner light. Good sleep is also a key for optimal health. I have several routines that I go thru everyday, and they have become essential to me. Here are a few to start incorporating to your daily life:

  • Focus on getting enough sleep.
  • Eat a light dinner.
  • Start each day with a cup of hot lemon water.
  • Eat your fruits in the beginning of the day.
  • Stop eating three hours before bedtime.

Try one new routine for one to two weeks before adding another. You will feel the difference when making these shifts toward a healthier lifestyle.

Drink up!

Be mindful about drinking your calories. Carbonated soft drinks, sugary drinks, lattes, smoothies with yogurt and loads of fruit are all things that I stay away from. Instead, drink more water—warm or room temperature is ideal. I ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with me. It can be hard to know if you’re thirsty or hungry, so whenever you feel like eating, drink a big glass of water, wait 10 min and see if you feel satisfied.

More than half your body is made up of water, which tells you just how much your body depends on it. If the idea of water bores you, try adding lemon, lime or fresh herbs. Herbal teas are a good option as well.

Experiment in the kitchen.

I got you on this one! Just head to the Eat Well section of my webpage to find numerous of easy and healthy recipes. Craving another chef? Try searching online for “healthy recipes for lazy cooks” to find millions of healthy options at your fingertips. Start with one new recipe a week and see how it goes.

Hit your local farmers market up!

If you been following me for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of locally produced food. Hit your farmers market up and pick up a new ingredient to experiment with.

If you don’t know where to start, may I suggest my posts Farmers Markets Insider Tips and Your Guide to Green Grocery Shopping. These will have you feeling like a health pro in no time!

Stay away from gluten and dairy.

Sorry fam, but they are not doing you any good. They keep you inflamed and bloated, leaving you with cravings and less energy. Dairy is made for baby cows to grow as fast as possible, so imagine what it does to a human body? Wheat is not what it used to be back in the day and is now instead of a healthy staple highly inflammatory.

There’s a lot of other options out there. Check this post out to get the full scoop on dairy and to find your new favourite plant based milk instead!

Recipe suggestions: Vegan Cheese Sauce, Hummus Bread, Pumpkin Pancakes, Kitten Protein Crunch, Healthy Banana Bread, Garlic Kale Chips, Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Cheese Dip

Detoxify your kitchen.

You will eat what you keep in your fridge and pantry. Fall is approaching, and what better time to have a pantry detox? Instead of your old, tried food, start adding these pantry staples, and keep your fridge stocked with healthy foods.

Dedicate a part of your sunday to preparing meals for the week. Keep pre-cut veggies in glass containers, have a big curry ready in a pot, decide what meals you are going to cook and be sure to have the ingredients at home.

Another good idea is to have a clean protein powder at home! Blend it with some spinach, banana and strawberries for an easy snack when you just don’t feel like cooking. Here’s a guide on what protein powder to choose 🙂

Avoid stuffing yourself.

When you eat more food than your stomach can accommodate, you cannot properly break it down. Think of a washing machine that has been stuffed with too many clothes, leaving no room for proper washing. This same concept applies to an overly full stomach. Plus, when you eat to much you are stretching your stomach sack, leaving to to need more food to reach that level of fullness you have gotten used to. It’s a vicious cycle…

This is where mindfulness comes into play. Don’t eat in front of the tv or your phone. Put your fork down when you are chewing. Don’t eat more than one reasonable serving. The ancient indian philosophy of Ayurveda recommends that you leave one-third to one-quarter of your stomach empty to allow space for the body to properly digest. Try to eat more slowly and with awareness so you can determine when you have eaten enough. Your body gives little signals—learn to notice what they are.

Be kind, always.

Remember that no one is perfect and focus on encouraging yourself as you would a good friend. You need to be flexible and show yourself love if this is going to work. There will be times when you revert to old habits, but that’s ok. Just get back on the horse!

Making the decision to eat healthier is not a short term diet fix but a lifelong journey. It may seem difficult at first, but follow these tips for eating healthy and you will begin to see and feel how much better it is for your wonderful being. You deserve it.