The Perfect Pantry Detox

Written by Kajsa IngelssonOctober 4, 2018

Fall is the perfect season to reflect and go within – practice self-care with hot baths, visits to the spa (or turning your space into one) and eating nourishing foods curled up with a good book and cozy blanket.

After the fast-paced hot (all-globe record) days of summer, this breath of fresh, chilly air is more than welcomed by yours truly. I find it to be the perfect time to make adjustments and changes both within and without. With less rooftop parties and thereby less temptation, why not get real with it?

I recently helped a new but oh so dear friend of mine clear out her pantry and she said that it made her really think about what foods she was consuming and more importantly, why.

Here’s a few easy swaps you can do to get your pantry looking old school the good way 🙂 But first, a picture of Mr. Tiny and a puppy to get you in the mood:

You ready for it now? Ok, let’s gooo!

Salt + Sugar

YES: Pink Himalayan sea salt, grey Celtic sea salt, Herbamare and gomasio. 

Why? These salts are minimally processed and have high mineral content.

NO: Iodized table salt.

Why? It contains a lot of synthetic chemicals.

YES: Maple syrup, raw honey, coconut nectar, dates + date paste, stevia drops and monkfruit powder.

Why? These natural options aren’t nearly as inflammatory as processed sugar and are generally easier for our bodies to process.

NO: White sugar, synthetic syrups and artificial sweeteners.

Why? Again, synthetic chemicals + gmo’s. They raise inflammation, contribute to various diseases and make your blood sugar spike, which in turn make the body send out insulin which leads to weight gain.

Grains + Flours + Pasta

YES: Coconut, chickpea, cassava and rice flours. For whole grains try non-GMO heritage wheat, quinoa, spelt and amaranth. 

Why? These are all healthy flours and my absolute favorite is chickpea since you get your protein in at the same time. Try this chickpea skillet bread and be sure to fall in love!

NO: White, GMO wheat flour + almond flour (yes I said it). 

Why? GMO’s are no good for you or our planet, and neither is gluten. Allergic or not, it is inflammatory and inflammation leads to disease and speeds up aging. And the almonds, well, they are not sustainable at all. It takes 4 liters of water to grow 1 almond in a world where water is becoming more and more sparse.

YES: Kelp noodles, miracle noodles, rice pasta, bean based pastas (YEY PROTEIN), soba noodles, gluten-free breads and coconut-based tortillas. 

Why? These healthy remixes of traditional fridge staples are made without inflammatory ingredients.

NO: White pasta and wheat bread made with brominated oils or high fructose corn syrup. 

Why? Again, gluten and inflammation. High fructose corn syrup is bad news all around and usually gmo. It adds no nutritional value to your diet whatsoever. Further more, human studies have linked brominated oils to neurological impairment, reduced fertility, changes in thyroid hormones and puberty at an earlier age. It’s banned in Europe and Asia, but rest of the world, be on the lookout!

Condiments + Vinegar

YES: Condiments without questionable ingredients or unnecessary sugar. Try adding condiments that are fermented for gut and immunity benefits. My favourites are miso, sauerkraut, mustard and hot salsa. 

Why? They add probiotic = good for your stomach, they boost your immunity and they make almost everything better 😉

NO: Condiments and salad dressings with hydrogenated corn syrup, added sugar or non-virgin oils high in omega 6 on the label. 

Why? Im starting to feel like a parrot here, but inflammation, inflammation, inflammation.

YES: Raw apple cider vinegar and coconut aminos, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, nama shoyu (fermented, raw soy sauce), olive tapenade, miso paste and nutritional yeast. 

Why? Same reasons as for the good condiments.

NO: Flavour powders laced with preservatives, processed oils and MSG. 

Why? MSG is bad for your retinal cells that allow vision and overstimulate your nervous system.

Oils + Nut(s) Butters

YES: Extra-virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter, avocado oil and virgin coconut oil.  

Why? Read this post to know the full scoop!

NO: Processed oils that are not virgin, most vegetable oils and canola oil. 

Why? You’d know if you clicked on the link above 😉

YES: Hemp seeds, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds + butters, tahini, cashew butter, hazelnut butter and (occasionally because of their thirst) almond butter. 

Why? These versatile healthy fats are packed with clean protein and easy on the gut.

NO: Peanut butter, which is a major allergen, can harbor mold and is difficult to digest. Avoid all butters that have been hydrogenated. 

Why? Hydrogenated oils can cause chronic inflammation, heart disease, digestive problems and weight gain to name a few.

So there you have it people! I hope this helps and please comment or send me a message if you feel like I missed something or if you got any questions at all 🙂 Much love from me to you, always and forever!

PS; stock up on glass jars and head to your market or zero waste store so we can crush our plastic addiction and save the oceans once and for all 🙂