A day in Montreal

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJuly 12, 2018

Just a typical day in my life:

Wake up at 8ish, up from the bed before 9. Standard morning routine (30 min) before walking mr tiny.

BREAKKY! Most days it’s my delicious chia seed breakfast  a n d

today i’m heading to the grocery store to work on a new post for you guys ❣️

Always stop to smell the flowers and if you can, have lunch at crux comptoir in old port, Montreal.

Quick date time and a little photo sesh with Mr. C followed by the making of Kitten Crunch, a raw recipe coming up in a few days 😉

I love myself some self care in the park, reading and being in a creative zone before some cold avocado soup for dinner and my meditation wind down.. xx