Are Your Workout Clothes Toxic? + 10 Sustainable Brands To Support Instead!

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 29, 2021

It feels like everybody’s been walking around in athleisure for quite some time now. I get, it’s comfy and practical. You are talking to a woman who’s working out 6 days a week, so trust me, I VERY MUCH INDEED GET IT.

The activewear industry is booming, touching everything from the lives of millions of working and individuals who are affected by its manufacturing processes to all our global ecosystems.

Wait what now? What’s the issue with my sweats?

Well, for starters;


I’ll leave it up to you to imagine the harm these chemicals do when pumped into rivers, flowing in to the ocean, touching every part of our beloved earth..

So what now? You know me, I never leave you guys hanging without a solution(s)! How are we ever going to change the world if we only focus on the bad?

First things first: use the Cora Ball when you are doing your laundry. It catches any microfibers that otherwise would slink out into the ocean.

Feeling like you want some of that non-toxic new new?

Here are some of my favorite green activewear brands on the market:

Pepper and Mayne


indigo luna

Girlfriend Collective

Stella McCartney Sport

adidas x parley

Organic Basics

Outdoor Voices



Sånna Terra

Wolven threads

Hara The Label