Written by Kajsa IngelssonDecember 19, 2019
The thing is, you always have views wherever you look.
Quite some time was spent by the pool since it was oct and a bit chilly for the beach
But you know this cat, I tan with joy and success
I ate mostly fruit
And always with some kind of view
I went hiking
As always I stopped for the flowers
The color of the water was hypnotizing
I also went to the beach, of course
This is the amount of trash I found in 10 min 🙁
I left the beach feeling a both sad of the state of our beaches and oceans but also happy that at least I helped out some.
I also went on a boat
From early morning
When the light was oh so soft
I felt so at peace
I even fell asleep for an h 😛
Of course I went swimming 😉
Lazy cat
I am here and now
Life is beautiful
so enjoy and dance like nobody’s watching 😉