Green life!

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 1, 2016

This for me is a no brainer. We KNOW for a fact that global warming is happening and that it has three main causes:

  • primarily the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas (think cars, airplanes, heat, AC, power)
  • deforestation to create pasture ( to raise animals we eat) and plantations (palm oil, corn, soy)
  • and the methane from the animals we raise for meat consumption. Second and third one goes hand in hand.

We all know this so why do our governments keep investing in fossil fuels and selling out our lands and oceans to companies that just care about their profits? It makes me so angry. This governments are not allowed to speak on my behalf. They do not represent me or my option, that’s for certain.

Its up to us as the people to do what we can to stop this catastrophe from getting any worse and ruining the planet for good.

So what can I do you might ask yourself. First things that come to mind are:

  • Go greener! Commute, ride your bicycle, walk or chose a hybrid or electric car like tesla.
  • Reduce your meat consumption and start to experiment in the kitchen with vegan and vegetarian meals. It’s super easy, delicious, nutritious AND good for the planet.
  • Think low energy light bulbs, turning your AC off when leaving the house, take quicker showers, recycle and choosing renewable energy for your home.
  • Make sure that you stay clear of processed foods and snacks containing palm oil as this is the biggest reason to deforestation of the rainforest.
  • Sign petitions and let our corrupt governments know that what they are doing is neither ok nor enough! Check my twitter out for petitions to sign, there’s plenty for you 🙂

If you want a more extended list of things to do, check out 50 tips on how to be more green.


I think about this every day, but it was this street art pictures I came across when walking in BA that encouraged me to write this today.