Q&A with Malin Lundgren of Lilla Pilates Studion

Written by Kajsa IngelssonDecember 5, 2017

Maybe you already knew this about me, but I LOVE pilates. I can seriously say that it changed my life. A couple of years back I injured myself training too hard for too long (and I spoke about this here) and I found myself unable to workout or even walk for quite some time. Enter pilates! Slowly but surely pilates helped me to rewire my body and brain to work more functionally and see where I was stuck in old patterns.

I have a pilates trainer in every country I lived in and today I am going to present you to one of my absolute favorites, Malin Lundgren. Read on to see if (and here I really mean why) pilates is something you should incorporate to your workout routine and life. Let’s dive in!

So Malin, what is pilates? What are the main types of pilates exercises?

Pilates is a moving method, a training/workout, that’s balancing your whole body (and mind). It makes you stronger and leaner and more aware of your body posture and patterns. The original name of the pilates method is ”The Art of Contrology” and the center of the body was referred to as the ”power house”. The exercises are mainly formed so you will learn to control your body, fx moving one body part while stabilizing the rest of the body. I usually say it’s an illusion of stillness in pilates – you have to move and work like crazy to make that illusion. And still make it look and feel smooth and effortless 😉 We work holistically and look at the whole body in every exercise to make it functional for both during your workout and in everyday life.

At Lilla P we work with the STOTT PILATES° development of the original technique that Joseph Pilates developed in the beginning of the 20th century.

How does pilates help improve your health?

Pilates starts with the breathing, which is the foundation of any exercise we could do to stay in good health. Unfortunately we often forget how to breath properly caused by stress, high pressure from society on how to look, what to wear, how to perform and so on. So it all comes back to the breathing and if that works beneficially your whole system starts to work and the rest of the physical benefits from pilates will come.

Such as: a strong and flexible body, long lean muscles, lovely posture, weight control and of course a flat tummy since ”the power house” is hosted in the centre of the body. Training mindfully also gives you more self confidence and you get rid of old habits that are not beneficial for your wellbeing.

Pilates is also a very good practice in awareness/mindfulness and forces you to be in the moment since you need to concentrate deeply to manage the technique.

What does Lilla Pilates Studion offer to members?

Me and my team offer a personal studio space for everyone interested in pilates and wellbeing. In group classes we offer small groups so we can give personal feedback to everyone in every session. In our reformer classes we are a maximum of four participants. At the studio we have special competence in a few different areas; pre-post natal and training in menopause. We also offer personal training – from everyday rehab to elite athletes complementing their sport.

Do you recommend different types of pilates exercises to different types of people?

Yes of course, it all comes down to who’s in front of you as a teacher. It’s our job to change the exercises according to the client and their needs.

What class should a newcomer or a person interested in the exercise do to start?

We always meet all new clients on a personal introduction to make sure we can recommend the best classes or personal training to each specific client. We have beginners courses which is always a good way to start if you want to do group training. A few private sessions is a very good investment in your health and wellbeing. That way you really learn the five basic principles for a safe and efficient training.

Can people adjust their exercise according to the area they want to focus on their body?

All exercises have a specific purpose and it’s important that we as instructors make sure that the client understands that. Of course exercises can be modified to different purposes and focus objectives.

How can pilates help improve mental health such as stress, anxiety, etc.?

By moving your system it releases our ”feel good” hormones and by focusing on your body and breath for a full hour it becomes a moving meditation which helps you release stress and anxiety. We connect to ourselves by moving mindfully and that releases stress and gives you body awareness that might change the way you look at your body and feel about yourself. Its vital for us that you leave our studio feeling good and uplifted, filled with new energy.

I love details and technique in moving, but also try to provide an understanding of the body and to give tools for my clients to be able to focus on their body in a positive sense.

How many times do you recommend people do the exercise per week?

J. Pilates said you should do pilates at least every other day. Of course it’s a more expensive way to work out at a small studio, but we recommend people to try to come at least once or twice a week. We provide exercises online and make special programs that you can do at home.

Who will benefit from doing pilates?


How have you seen pilates affect the people who come into your studio?

Wow – we are blessed each day with seeing the benefits of pilates. Happy faces, held up postures, people moving with ease in and outside classes. Another really powerful effect is to experience that people have less stiffness and no, or less, pain in their bodys!

It’s a great joy to be able to inspire people to make good changes in their lives on their way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.