My Favourite At Home Workout Videos

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 13, 2020

My first thought when they closed everything down for this CORVID-19 nonsense was how the f… am I supposed to workout????????? Everybody that knows me know that I LOVE WORKING OUT! It makes me feel happy, healthy and sexy, all at once! I usually go to a ton of reformer classes as well as some hiit classes.

Yeah, I was pissed and stressed out for a few days. But you know what, I have managed to be able to workout as well as home as I do at the studios! It took some searching and rearrengeing, sure, but if there is a will, there is a way!

I decided to share the workout that I’m doing to stay fit and sane during these weird quarantine times with you my honey bees! Hope you’ll find something that you like 🐱

Melissa Wood Health

Pilates and yoga fusion at its very best. Ranging from 10 to 50 min, Melissa uses bodyweight or one pound ankle weights most of the time to get the job done.

I feel long, lean and strong after completing one of her videos. Totally worth the 30 USD a month!

SickFit in 15

This is my go-to quicky. Sometimes I do two back to back. Intense and explosive movements in a tabata (20sec work, 10rest x 8) format.

You can do anything for 20 sec, there’s a countdown, it’s free and you can blast your own music, what’s not to love?

POPSUGAR fitness

With a little over 4 million followers on youtube, popsugar is not new to the game. Their channel is FILLED with different workout, ranging from barre to low-impact hiit, hiphop dance and everything in between!

This 30-min Strength, Cardio and Pilates routine has been my favourite mixed bag the last couple of weeks. In only 30 min, you’ll get a REALLY great workout and feel amazing for the rest of the day.

Yoga with Adriene

I found this lady last week and I am totally in-love! With flows like deep stretch, yoga for self-love and low-back pain + more fast flows, be sure to find what you need at Adriene’s page.

Tabata Timer

Ok, so not technically a workout, but it’s the timer I use when I do my own workouts. Since I’ve been active so long, working as an instructor as well as a personal trainer, I’m quite skilled at building my own routines. Something I don’t like doing? Counting reps.

Enter Tabata Timer! This app is super easy to use, you can program your own time-based workouts, divide your set and plan recovery time. There’s a countdown both to start and finish, making it easy to follow along, and you don’t have to strain your neck y looking up if you are in plank! All this while letting you play music from spotify!

The secret to my motivation:

Last but not least, here’s my spotify workout playlist 🙂 A workout without motivating and fitting music just doesn’t do it for me. Music has the power to push you beyond what you thought was possible, on days where you feel like you’d rather be tanning on your yoga mat in the sun like Mr. Tiny here 😉

To your health, honey bees! 🍸