Green living

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJuly 3, 2016

So I’ve been thinking about the term green living lately. What does it mean having a green lifestyle?

After some contemplation, I came up with that for me it’s about being my healthiest self and being true to my nature. But I still needed my answer to be more solid, more reachable with steps if you’d like. So to make sense of it all I had to break it down:

  • It’s in the Food we eat
  • It’s about our wonderful and vital Sleep
  • The Relationships we keep around us
  • The Nest in which we live
  • It’s about the precious Self-care routines that we are keeping
  • And about connecting with the high Spirit

I created this blog because I want to make my existence the greenest life possible. And I want to share this journey with you, so that you can take whatever works for you and apply it in your life. Together we are going to be the rainbow warriors that unite from all over the world to fight for and save this planet of ours.

Let’s do this together. O n e love, o n e life.