Q&A with Boostology

Written by Kajsa IngelssonOctober 2, 2020

I feel that as a society we need to stop our mindless consumption of things we do not need – and that are bad for us and our planets wellbeing. However, last time I checked, there are still some things we need for ourselves, as well as times when gifting a special someone something thoughtful can mean oh so much.

If you know a bit about what I am about, you know that I am all about sustainable and clean brands. I’m also very much into to self care, essential oils and reforestestation. Today’s featured brand combine all those things, so needless to say it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Boostology!

How would you describe your company?

We offer something a little different to a regular gift retailer, as:

We specialise in design-led eco-products that look great visually

Our products are designed to boost your mood and general well being

Our range includes products exclusive to us, and manufactured by us

We plant one tree, for every order placed with us – a collaboration with Offset Earth

Tell us about your team! How did you get started?

Boostology officially launched right in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020 – great timing!

We’ve produced an exclusive range of products that are designed to boost your mood, and make a minimal impact on the environment. Each one of our products is either organic, vegan, plastic-free, reusable, or a combination.

I was a BBC journalist for ten years before moving into online retail and manufacturing, and I’ve been thinking about going it alone for many of those years… the result is boostology.co.uk! I’ve used my experience to develop exclusive products which aren’t available anywhere else – as I want us to stand out and be a little different to everyone else.

You plant one tree with each order. Why is reforestation important to you?

We’ve all contributed to deforestation over the years which has had a massive impact on our climate, so quite simply – I wanted to give something back.

We’ve teamed up with Ecologi, a Bristol based company who are working on reforestation projects in the UK, and around the world. We automatically make a fixed donation to Ecologi every time an order is placed with us, which will allow them to plant another tree in Madagascar.

What has been your biggest challenge starting this business?

The biggest challenge has definitely been developing and manufacturing our own exclusive products. We spent a lot of time researching this to ensure what we produced was beneficial to both the customer using it, and the environment too. It has been a big learning curve but very rewarding too!

Are you conscious about minimising plastic waste during production and shipping?

We’ve looked at all the ways we can make a difference as an e-tailer. 

Our orders are shipped in eco-friendly, plastic-free parcels which are made from recyclable and compostable materials. Every part of your parcel is recyclable from the box, to the natural starch beads we use to protect the contents… even the packing tape we use is paper-based so that it can be recycled too!

We minimise the amount of plastic we use in our products by sourcing alternatives to it wherever we can. Our skincare range comes in glass containers for example, there are some parts of our products where we were unable to completely avoid plastic – for example the lids on some containers – but we are looking into ways we can overcome this in the future. 

It can feel a little daunting changing the way we make things or the way we shop, but it feels really good when we do. 

How big % of your sortiment is vegan and organic?

Two thirds of our current range is either Vegan or Organic.

What are you best sellers as gift when it comes to gifts?

Definitely our Volcanic Potpourri – it uses natural Lava and Obsidian stones to diffuse essential oils into your home or office. It features a beautiful lid which is handmade from solid Agate stone. We also feature a curated selection of products from other eco-conscious independent retailers / manufacturers.

There are a growing number of people who want to declutter and simplify their lives, and making small changes can have a huge impact collectively.

I’m an avid hater of anything plastic, which is why our first product was produced to provide a natural alternative to the mass-market plug-in diffusers you see available today.

We also have two new exclusive products coming shortly which I think should make the list:

Diffuser Necklaces – made with lava stone so you can add your favourite essential oil

Solid Stone Candle Sets – Zebra Marble, Onyx And Fossilstone candle holders with soy wax scented pillar candles – they look and smell gorgeous!

Lastly, what are your top three tips when it comes to being a green #ecowarrior?

1) When purchasing online, take a special note of what materials a product is made from. There are always alternatives to plastic out there, it just takes a little extra googling!

2) Delve a little deeper – see if the company you purchase from will deliver your item in eco-friendly packaging. There’s no point buying a plastic-free item if they wrap it in metres of bubble wrap for protection

3) Use your purchasing power to support companies who give something back. There are many websites who will donate to a good cause when you buy something from them – whether that’s a charity, or an eco-cause.