Lisbon organic market + a 24h cure

Written by Kajsa IngelssonFebruary 22, 2017

Lisboa is a real charm! I’m totally in love! Realized this week that we live like 5 min walking from the weekly organic produce market. Y.E.S.S.S!!!!!! Such a big win! It’s a lovely market that’s on every Saturday from 9am to 3pm. The neighborhood it’s in is beautiful and there’s plenty to eat and see. Highly recommended!

On another note; garlic is so much more awesome than you ever could imagine. Did you for example know that when you are eating garlic it works as a tick repellent? Its true and wonderful news for all of us who love to run around in nature!

I recently went on a 24h garlic cure. It’s really the easiest thing ever! Roast a garlic bulb in the oven 175 C (347 F) until soft, about 40 min depending on size. Make sure to check it by piercing it with a knife. It’s supposed to slide thru like nobody’s business. Wait until it cools down, peel and eat 6 cloves.

Wanna know why should you do this?

Let’s break it down in hours:

Hour 1: The garlic is being metabolized and starts to be absorbed by your systems.

Hour 2-4: Your body is starting to put the antioxidants in the garlic to use by fighting free-radicals and cancercells.

Hour 4-6: Your metabolism increases. This leads to removing redundant liquids and burning fat.

Hour 6-7: The antibacterial properties in the garlic get released into the bloodstream and start to fight off any bad bacteria that might be using you as a playground.

Hour 6-10: During this time the nutrients in the garlic are repairing you on a cellular level.

Hour 10-24: The garlic is preforming a deeply cleaning process involving:

  • Adjustment of the cholesterol levels
  • Cleaning arteries and protecting against heart disease
  • Decreasing and improving your blood-pressure
  • Strengthening the body’s immune system
  • Helping your body to eliminate accumulated heavy metals
  • Strengthening your bone-structure and joints
  • Increasing vitality due to its high nutritional value
  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Increasing the lifespan of your cells

When doing this amazing 24h cure, remember to drink a lot of water and to eat well! That is, stay away from processed foods, meat and refined sugar.

If you feel like taking it easy and chill at home, do so. Feel like carrying on with your regular routine? Be my guest. You just might be giving off a hint of garlic 😉