Top 10 for the animals

Written by Kajsa IngelssonNovember 10, 2021

Adopt Don’t Shop

All my dogs have been rescues. I love them to pieces. During my travels, I have rescued 10 different animals and placed them in good homes. Everybody deserves a second (or first!) chance. There are so many loving animals in need out there, supporting breeders is just not a sensible thing to do.


Eat a Plant Based Diet

Its good for you and the planet! We all know about the direct link between the meat industry and climate change, so im not even going to get into it. Personally, I find it so much easier, lighter and faster with plant based cooking. Go to my recipe page if you need some inspo to get you started. I am not saying you have to go full vegan, but we could all use a little more legumes and vegetables in our lives!


Support Conservation Efforts and Rescue Mission

There are many great organisations that are working to save our species and planet. Some of my favourites include:

Snow Leopard Trust

Angel City Pits

African Wildlife Foundation

Rescue Dogs Rock

Earth Justice

Friends Of The Earth

The Man That Rescues Dogs

Rainforest Allience

Ocean Conservancy

The Sierra Club Foundation


Choose Vegan Brands When Buying Clothes and Stay Away From Furs, Down and Wool

There are a few companies that are treating their animals fairly, but its common praxis that animals are being horribly abused when it comes to the fashion and home textile industry. We have so many vegan options on the market now, so you can definitely get something even nicer without the cruelty.


Sign Petitions

True story: everyday I spend around 5-10 min signing petitions from my computer. Most of them for our planet and animals.

I have seen firsthand how these petitions work: My petition to stop brining back the breed ban in Montreal got 40.000 signatures and the proposal was denied. Mr. Tiny and all the other innherently good dogs like him got to stay and keep their lives!


Use Reef Save Sunscreen and Clean Products

There is a ton of toxicity on the marketplace. Did you know that many of the sunscreens out there are actually toxic for aquatic life? The same goes for surf and snowboard vax. When it comes to your personal and cleaning products.. Well, click here to find out the whole story about that and why you most definitely should start choosing green products instead.


Stay Away From Palm Oil. Seriously, Its EVERYWHERE.

Now this one is big but can be a bit hard. Its in everything from your food to your lipstick, the laundry detergent you use or the shampoo in your shower. It also hides under very many names, making it difficult to spot. I have a trick to be able to scan ingredient lists and filter our 80% of all terms. Just screenshot and memorise the following endings to ingredients:

Dont Support Animal Entertainment

Seaworld, zoos, swimming with dolphins, riding elephants or pictures with baby animals… Its all the same suffering for the animals involved. These are wild animals who are meant to be free and not kept for our entertainment.


Buy GMO Free to Save Our Pollinators!

We need our pollinators to survive. GMOS and other chemicals are bad news for our little friends, with some butterfly populations being down with 75% since last year.. If they die, 80% off our most common food crops die with them. I really want to keep drinking my coffee and berries, thank you very much.


Participate In Beach Cleanup

Get active and proactive in intercepting the vast amounts of trash that make their way into our oceans each and everyday. PS, sustainable plastic and recycling are a bit of a myth, sorry to break it to you.