The Plastic Detox – Bathroom Edition

Written by Kajsa IngelssonAugust 5, 2019

Hi honey bees! How’s your journey towards a plastic free life going? I have to admit, I have been running into some challenges here and there; forgetting my water-bottle, forgetting to bring my produce bags to the market, buying lentils packed in plastic…

BUT HEY! I’m doing my best and I am only human, and so are you. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much, but rather striving to do better next time and maybe changing our routines slightly (for me, placing the bottle and produce bags by the door) to set ourselves up for success! #progressnotperfection

It’s time to revamp our bathroom to create a sustainable and healthy heaven instead of a plastic ridden poop house. Here’s my top tips;

  • Toilet paper – it comes in plastic, it drives deforestation, and you literally use it once.. Read this article with no 2 to find our more and to switch to their superiorly green bambu paper instead!
  • For deodorant, there’s three different options; alum bar, cacao pow deodorant or humankind. The latter is a new personal care company that’s dedicated to reducing the amount of single-use plastics in our environment. Their natural deodorant comes in a refillable container that’s guaranteed to last forever, and $1 of every purchase goes toward removing plastic waste from the ocean.
  • Hopefully by now you are cooking a lot more at home (one of the top tips from the kitchen detox). So it might be the case that you need plasters ever so often. Well, I have the perfect plastic free solution; PATCH Strips, organic bamboo fiber bandages with aloe vera or charcoal. I tried both kinds, and they are super; stick well, last long and make me heal faster.
  • You can buy wooden hair brushes/combs instead of plastic. And plastic-free hair ties also exist!
  • If you feel like making your own beauty products you can find multiple recipes online. I’m not that crafty I have to admit, but I make sure that I only purchase products that come in glass packaging.
  • Use shampoo/soap bars or refillable liquid shampoo/conditioner for your shower needs.
  • Shaving? Here’s a stainless steel safety razor.
  • There’s a huge hole in the makeup market for plastic-free alternatives. Try to opt for the clean beauty brand Kjaer Weiss’ refillable foundationsbronzersblushes, and mascaras and wooden eye pencils as well as lip tint and lipsticks.
  • If you wear contacts, you might not be aware that they are made out of plastic. There’s a huge pollution problem because people usually throw them into the sink and they’re ending up in the ocean. Recycle the packaging and make sure to toss your old one in the trash can.