Tripping trip

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 28, 2016

I’ve been sleeping for 4 days. No kidding. It’s 100000 degrees and the sound of the ocean is providing the perfect background noise for constant napping. I also needed to regain my strength after the journey from BA. Even though I could tip the seat all the way back and make it into a sort of bed, It’s hard to sleep on an airplane when you have a 40 kg pitbull in your lap.

The story of the tripping trip:

When we finally reached San Jose, 9h of flight with a 3h layover in Bogota later, we started on the mission to find rent a car. More specifically finding a car rental with an automatic 4×4 who accepted American Express as payment. Easier said than done. It look about 3 hours and when we finally acquired the car, it was too late to make the ferry that was going to take us over the Gulf of Nicoya on to the half island on which our final destination was located. Tired, hungry and dirty we checked into a hotel/motel/hollydayinn in some suburb to San Jose.

The bed… It was like sleeping on uneven metal springs.. It’s hard to explain but it was far from the dream house by the beach that my whole being was aching for. Nevertheless we made the best of it, fell asleep and got up at 6am the next day, bright and early, continuing to our final destination.

After getting off the ferry, we realized that the GPS did not work. OK. So we are now in the middle of a Costa Rica with 8 big suitcases and a big dog without a GPS telling us where to turn next. Constructive minds as we are, we found a place with WIFI and mind-loaded (get it?) the map from the computer 😛 and carried on.

4 hours later, we arrived. We got stuck on the accent of hill in the rainforest on the way, but we made it. I’m telling you a shower never felt so good.

So yes, I’ve been recovering from all this while adjusting to life without an AC. Not much going on here except for the fact that I made 2 ingredient pancakes that are a little piece of heaven. Will post the recipe tomorrow or so. Now it’s back to savasana in my bed.

I am continuing to be amazed of the evening sky here..