Written by Kajsa IngelssonJanuary 14, 2020
Every morning looked something like this!
They are sore cause I did not let them play tag…
We spent like all the time on the beach..
New decade, who dis?
He’s my very best friend #adoptdontshop
Mr. Tint is a lil concerned about my swimming abilities..
..or maybe he heard that there is a lot of barracudas here?
Either way, thanks goddess you are up from the water mommy!!
Look! A sea-leopard!
So sleeeeepy from all the swimming
Like a dream!
Met a bird during our walk!
Hi birdy!
A lil breakfast and work!
..always going on adventures
Hi stranger!
I’m looking for the sun, he’s looking into little caves
wearing sustainable swimwear from Sage LaRock
The sky is on fire!
and it’s hot, so let’s go swimming
Mom, come onnnnn
My ride or die!
With my favorite photographer!
it makes it easy to make love to the camera 😉
The beautiful end of an amazing day!
Good morning!
Can Mr. Tiny come out to play?
We’ll all go on a walk together, of course.
Did you know that I used to walk on my toes for years when I was a child?
Now I am a jaguar btw.
We also went biking along the one (hehe) road 😛
Really wanted to take this little guy with me home 🙁
Stopped for a breather at Habitas.
More beach friends!!
Ok guys, I am the biggest so I am the boss, OK?
Mr. Tiny living his best life!
And btw, we carbon offset all our travels!