Waterfall Catarata Bijagual

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJuly 26, 2016

By now you probably understand that I’m quite fond of hiking 😛 This hike took me to the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica and it was super impressive! The sheer force I felt standing at the bottom of the fall was incredible. Not only did I get completely soaked by the water but the force from it almost blew me away!

Hiking to the waterfall was about an hour including a pitstop to cool down in one of the natural pools. The water was freezing, but we did not mind since it was crazy humid in the air (as always). I’m always a little scared that a fish/snake/croc will come attack me when i’m swimming in the rainforest. I don’t know why since it never happened to me nor anybody I know and probably never will.. It all got me thinking;

Unreasonable fears are nothing we should listen to, we shall never let them get in our way of exploring life and living fully. This is easier said than done. So many of us are controlled and driven by fear. How can it not be when big parts of our societies are built on it! Do this or else this will or won’t happen… 

Break free from the never ending wheel of fear and anxiety by first acknowledging that there’s a fear inside of you. By shining the light of your consciousness on it, giving it your full attention, you will either uncover the reason behind your fear and thus be able to work with it or reveille it for what it really is: a silly and uncertain projection of the future made up by the mind keep you from venturing into the unknown. 

Try it! Put yourself in a situation you fear and see what happens. Breath deep, stay present, carefully explore your emotions. Not only did I not get attacked by anything in the water, I had such a nice swim and it cooled me down enough to power through the last bit to the waterfall.

Put yourself in a situation you are scared of. Challenge your mind and get to know yourself as the brave, divine human-being that you are.