Dragon speed….

Written by Kajsa IngelssonApril 22, 2016

.. on Mr C and me fast as a flying pig and we still didn’t make it! Well, I think that we are just not the best candidates for early morning (departure at 6am) flights. Fuck it

One more day to spend in BA. We headed to the Four Seasons and ordered room service breakfast, of course. After the brekky we passed out and slept for like.. Hmm.. Until it was time for afternoon tea at Alvear Palace. This is an institution in Buenos Aires, where all the important people seem to meet to discuss all the important matters. The food is quite good too.

There are plenty of nice restaurants and shops around the hotel itself, but if you feel like buying high-brand secondhand, you should check out the little mall next to the hotel. There is a tiny shop nestled in the back where you can find the most amazing items!

Gonna tuck in early tonight. Got a flight at 8am tomorrow. YAWN. Who is betting on us making it this time? 😛

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