Tripping on Ayahuasca – part three

Written by Kajsa IngelssonAugust 12, 2016

We went to some hot springs by a cold river during the day and relaxed in the water. I covered myself with mud, feeling like a goddess of earth. We are all creatures of the earth.

Cold water. Warm water. Cold water. Warm. Cold. Clean. My soul, body and mind are feeling lighter. There is so many questions although I already know the answer: I am. NOW.

If the first journey was physical and all about the universal love, the second journey was a meditative travel of dimensions. Mother Ayahuasca showed me how dysfunctional the mind is when you let it run the show. It creates so much negativity, distractions, separations and thrives on fear.

Me, I just need to be. It is perfectly in order to just be. To surrender completely to every moment. This is where the peace of mind and being exists. Just being present in the now. Everything is ok in this very moment. And this will from now on be the state in which I choose to dwell. It will set me free. Free of the burden of mind and constant unnecessary thinking.

She told me that I need to go inside and feel my body. That I need to acknowledge my emotions and experience them fully. Recognize them for what they are and let them go. No more sweeping it under the rug, no more denying my body the right to speak to and through me. Everything we need exists inside of us as human-BEINGS. I could feel her inside of me, healing my body and mind with vibrations and light.

She said: We get what we expect. Expect pain and there will be pain. So expect nothing at all and there will be space for everything to come to you.

Smile. It will change any situation.

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