Drought 101

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 27, 2018

As you all probably have heard by now, several major cities are facing serious droughts. The impact for the people and animals living in these areas is huge, and as always it’s up to us humans to fix it. We are the ones responsible for the problem to begin with; think changed weather-patterns due to climate change and water waste.

This is my first encounter with a drought this serious, and to be honest it took me by surprise. First off, I love taking baths and secondly, I love having a lush and green garden. I understood quite quickly that some changes needed to be made in my household AND daily routines to stay within the limit of 50 liters of water per person a day. To get a picture, the average american uses 350 L of waters a day… Starting to get the picture here? Here’s the steps I took to reduce my water-use and make my home watersmart!

Water w i s e

  1. I already made the most important change you can make, eating vegan. So YEY me!!
  2. Bye bye baths. I cried and died a little on the inside, but so be it.
  3. I started to make sure that all dishwasher or laundry loads were full. I sort of did this before already, but this time there was no cheating allowed.
  4. I stopped having the shower and tap running while shampooing, brushing my teeth or doing the dishes.
  5. If it’s yellow, let it mellow… A.K.A you only flush every 4th time if it’s peepee. This one grossed me out in the beginning, but there’s some natural products you can put in your toilet to make it less.. well.. gross.
  6. I made sure that I only used organic, all natural cleaning products, laundry detergents and dish soap so that I could do the next on the list:
  7. I placed buckets in my sink and shower to start collect gray-water, that is the water already used once. This can be used in the garden, to clean or to manually flush toilets.
  8. I installed a home-made system making sure that I recycle the water being used from the washers.
  9. I planted waterwise plants in my garden.

There you have it folks! Now I want to stress that this is all habits that are good to incorporate into your routine, regardless if there’s a drought going on or not. Why waste the most precious resource on earth?



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