Ecoconsiouss travel

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 9, 2018

I recently had the pleasure to spend 2 weeks in the city of cities; New York. I wanted to go for a long time, and it was all I could imagine and more.

However, traveling and being away from my home and routine made me realise how hard it is to be green on the road! The little trashcan in the hotel room kept filling up everyday, over flooding with plastic and other trash. Because of my allergy diet, I found myself getting take-out and eating either outside or in my room quite a lot and this obviously produced a lot of waste. I felt the eco greif coming creeping and promised both myself and mother earth that next time I was gonna come prepared, leaving no other trace but footprints.


These are the items that are going up as must haves on my packing list:

  1. Utensils. I’m gonna bring my own spoon, fork and knife for any take-away that I might get.
  1. A water bottle. Ask your hotel or host if your tap water is safe to drink and bring a charcoal pill to drop in your bottle to purify it!
  1. A stainless steel take-away container. (i’m coming for you wholefoods buffet!)
  1. Reusable shopping bags of all sizes.
  1. NOTE TO SELF: SAY NO TO THE STRAW. EVERY. DAMN. TIME! – and bring your own eco-friendly straw. Actually, go one step further and tell the restaurants who are still using plastic straws that you disagree on the use of these and drop some knowledge on them about the dangers of single-use plastic.
  1. A reusable coffee cup and a smoothie container.

I feel confident that with these products I will be able to cut down my waste with at least 80%! Not bad, right? Imagine that every single one of us decide to take these steps, oh what a clean world it will be! You make a difference and we are all in this together. Want to know exactly how much difference you make? Check this post out! Safe traveling my friends! xx