Are you eating mindfully?

Written by Kajsa IngelssonAugust 28, 2016

Recently I have been observing my relationship with food. How different foods make me feel, why they make me feel like they do and how I am eating them. I realised that I am almost always chugging down my food when I eat. Almost as if someone’s under the table waiting to steal it from me (Mr. Tinyyyyy)

This is a very common problem. Most of us mindlessly eat foods we don’t want, or snarf our way through entire meals without really tasting or enjoying what we are eating. This leads us to consume more calories than we need, usually from foods that are doing nothing to enhance our health and it also leads to poor digestion that messes with our energy levels, hormones, moods and sleep.

Let’s stop this bad habit once and for all, shall we? These following steps will help to bring us back on track so that we can truly enjoy the food we are eating again.

  • Put down your fork and chew well. Put your fork down between each bite you take. Chew a lot, somewhere between 30 and 50 times per bite. I know, it’s a lot, give it a go with me. We are in this together! Research shows that digestion and satiation improve when food is well chewed before being swallowed.
  • Eat at a table and use a plate, bowl, and utensils. No more eating on the go or standing up! Did you know that normal portions served on smaller plates trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more, leading you to feel more satisfied when you’re finished?
  • Start a mealtime ritual. Take a minute to wind down as you sit down at the table. Take a deep inhale-exhale. Maybe say a prayer or express gratitude for your meal. This mental break contributes to a physical state that aids digestion and brings feelings of satisfaction.