My Green Skincare Routine + Fave Green & Clean Brands

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 2, 2021

Im a big fan of organic and vegan skincare. It’s an important part of my daily routine, and a way to show myself love.

I was 14 when I started with skincare, due to hormonal acne. Back then there was not a lot of green brands, nor information on why these are to be preferred.

Conventional skincare brand uses a lot of nasty chemicals that are harmful to our health and the wellbeing of our planet, as well as micro plastics and palm oil. Pretty nasty and the opposite of self care..

I have been battling with different kind of skin issues, ranging from acne to pigmentation. For very many years, my skincare routine was centered around fixing my “problems” rather than taking care and celebrating my skin. Ever since I met Exodeus, a skincare goddess and dear friend of mine, this has changed.

Sure, I use targeted skincare to address certain concerns, but the difference is that I do so with love and compassion for myself. I thank my skin daily for everything it does for me. Yes, I even thank my breakouts, as they are showing me that something is off within my body. Your skin is your largest organ after all, and you must know the saying:

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”.

My morning routine:

Quite easy and forward. I wash my face with cold water and a gentle cleanser. I currently using Exodeus MILKYWAY.

I apply a CBD eye roller underneath my eyes and follow that up by a custom made CBD cream that Exodeus has made especially for my skin.

After that, I apply sunscreen in the from of Ilia foundation. For additional support and some coverage, I apply the sun screen powder from Jane Iredale.

The sun is a beloved and beautiful thing but I never tan my face, you will never see me without my hat. If I’m going to go boating or spend a lot of time in the sun, I also apply Biossance Squalane and Zink Sheer Sunscreen all the way down to my boobs, as well as a layer of Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Depending on the day, I might apply some make up.

My favourites are:

Lips: Jane Iredale and Ilia Beauty

Mascara: Sappho New Paradigm

Eyeshadow: rms beauty

Blush: W3ll People and rms beauty

Concealer: Ilia Beauty and W3ll People.

My night routine:

Ah, this one is slightly more lengthily and elaborate. The night is the perfect time to treat the skin, no sun, very little movement and your body being in full regeneration and ready to receive and heal.

I like to do a double cleansing: I start with a oil cleanser with Rå oils that I massage into my face for a a minute after washing if with an organic cloth soaked in warm water. I follow that up with the MILKYWAY using my Foreo facial massager for combination skin. This little machine feels like a litteral face massage every night. I just love it.

Now that my skin is clean, I spray a bit of rose water directly on it. Time for my first serum: Genetically Blessed from Honor MD. It tingles a bit, but doesn’t hurt (of course, your skincare shouldn’t hurt babes). The next step is so important because its one of the most fragile places of your face: eye cream! Im using a CBD eye cream from EXODEUS and apply it both underneath and on top of my eye.

While I let this soak in, I brush my teeth. After that it’s time for serum nr two. I like to alternate depending on the season or where in the world I am, recently I have been using LE PURE REVIVING SERUM.

Time to treat pigmentation! Unfortunately, before I learned about the power of the skin and the importance of not using strong products during the day, I got some pigmentation on my cheekbones and forehead. I have been using a cream from the company Musely the last year and I swear by the result. Just remember, STAY OUT OF THE SUN WITH YOUR FACE. ALWAYS.

Time for my night cream which is a simple jojoba oil that has been ozonated by the company Puro3. Ozonated creams are good for a wide variety of skincare concerns. I mix it with some pure frankincense essential oil from young living. I also pour a few drops into my hands and cup them over my nose and month, inhaling three deep breaths thru the nose to reap the benefits and send me of into a deep beauty sleep.

My weekly routines and treatments:

Twice a week I do an enzymatic peeling followed by a mask. My two favourite peels are Meeka and EXODEUS METAMORPHOSIS.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE face masks. They really make me feel like I am papering myself, and I swear, if you use a good one they work! Depending on the current status and need of my skin, I do masks everything from 1 to 3 times a week. Some of my favourites are: OSEA, BIOSSANCE, DAFNAS and LEAHLANI, but I am always exploring and finding new brands in cute stores when I’m out 🙂

Whenever i’m breaking out, a apply oregano essential oil mixed with a carrier oil. That or pure aloe vera.

As for treatments, less is really more. I do a gua sha facial at home twice a week. I adore to go get holistic facials at EXODEUS whenever we are in the same town. They will leave you feeling and looking truly blessed.

As for targeted treatments I do micro-needling with stem-cells in a salon as well as micro-current facials. The combination beats botox anytime 🙂

Where can you find these products?

First I like to add that this is not a sponsored posts (I don’t play like that) but my honest favourites and what works for me. I included links to each brand, but for the US and Canada, the detox market and the store Green Line Beauty in LA are great. When I am in Europe I usually shop at My Green Brands. They are located in Paris and run by the most lovely woman, but also ship all over the continent for reasonable prices.

Now what are you waiting for? Go show yourself some love