Plastic Detox – On The Go

Written by Kajsa IngelssonFebruary 19, 2020

How has your journey to use less plastic been so far? We raided the kitchen, bathroom and closet + we revamped our cleaning routine so far. Good on you and YEY for our planet and oceans.

Today we have reached a pivotal point in our plastic detox; our lives on the go.

I think that this is one of the trickiest since it takes a lil shopping, setting some new routines and keeping our spirits up even when we forget to bring our reusable goods. But, I know we can make it. And even if we can’t, that’s no excuse for not trying, so let’s dive into it!

  • Are you a regular to the wholefoods (or any) buffet? Bring your own containers, pre-weigh them and fill them up just as you would with the plastic/paper ones.
  • Favourite condiments that come in sealed plastic? (hummus, dressing, guac ect).. MAKE IT YOURSELF. Honestly, it’s gonna be healthier and probably tastier too.
  • Ah delivery food.. So good – but so bad. There’s two ways to go about it; either you make sure that your restaurant of choice is using sustainable paper/cardboard packaging (however, the hard truth about recycling is that if it’s got food or grease on it that can’t be rinsed away (by you, by the way), it won’t be recycled). Or you go pick it up and call the restaurant and tell them that you will be coming with your own containers.
  • If you’re eating out at a restaurant, meanwhile, and want to take home a doggy bag of your leftovers (er, food waste is a huge problem, too!), bring your own containers to avoid unnecessary plastics.
  • As for all the other little takeaway items you may be offered on the go throughout your day, have a zero waste shopping kit ready! You might have seen from my stories that I always carry a water bottle and a reusable coffee cup (Ecoffee cup or WAKEcup are cute), but other items include a fork, spoon and knife plus a stainless steel container, which is really great for leftover food or the buffet!
  • Also, make it a habit to carry an empty tote bag with you. If you are at all like me, you can just never be really sure when you are going to go shopping and need one!
  • Snacking much? Well, honestly it’s really best not to for health reasons but if you gotta, make them yourself and wrap them in bees wrap.
  • To freshen up and fix your breath on the go, switch to non-synthetic chewing gum (yes regular gums are sort of plastic and don’t biodegrade).
  • And if you have a pupper (you should tbh), make a note of buying compostable and biodegradable poop bags!

Garbage destroying our world oceans and earth – concept with plastic bottles fish eating the planet