Til death do us part

Written by Kajsa IngelssonMarch 15, 2016

So Mr. C and I decided to be tourists today and go visit La Recoleta Cemetery. It’s a cemetery above ground. Sort of like a city of the dead, with streets lined with statues and marble mausoleums. Past presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and the just plain rich and famous have made it past the gates here. Mr C and I both believe in spirits and (dare i say it) ghosts, so it was kind of an intense experience. Let’s just say that I was happy we were there during broad daylight…







I have to say it’s was a unique and really cool experience. Go visit the graves of Eva Peron, former presidents of Argentina and a grand daughter to Napoleon at Junín & Guido, Recoleta. See you on the other side…. 😉