Top 10 for your health

Written by Kajsa IngelssonNovember 9, 2021

Eat The Rainbow.

The more colourful your plate looks, the more likely you are to get a wide rage of nutrients. There are so many different fruit and vegetables out there, and plenty ways to prepare them.

Don’t be scared to try something new and step outside of your box. My preference is to eat my fruits as a first meal and earlier in the day, and load up on the vegetables after.


Set Up a Routine.

The human body responds well to routine. Energy, sleep, eating, and digestion are just a few of the processes that are affected by your body’s internal clock. Creating a routine that honors the body’s rhythms is key in maintaining good health.

The middle of the day is when the body is primed to digest; thus, it’s best to have your largest or heaviest meal at this time while keeping your dinner light. Good sleep is also a key for optimal health. I have several routines that I go thru everyday, and they have become essential to me. Here are a few to give you an idea:

Focus on getting enough sleep for your body. Some thrive on less, I prefer a solid 8.

Use a tongue scraper in the morning.

Start each day with a cup of hot lemon water.

Before eating anything, I drink a glass of water with green powder, seaweed and shijalit.

Stop eating three hours before bedtime. This way your body will truly be able to rest and not digest.

Try one new routine for one to two weeks before adding another.


Drink Up!

First things first: nothing beats drinking water. Secondly, be mindful about drinking your calories. Carbonated soft drinks, sugary drinks, lattes, smoothies with yogurt and loads of fruit are all things that I stay away from. Instead, drink more water—warm or room temperature is ideal.

I ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with me. It can be hard to know if you’re thirsty or hungry, so whenever you feel like eating, drink a big glass of water, wait 10 min and see if you feel satisfied. More than half your body is made up of water, which tells you just how much your body depends on it. If the idea of water bores you, try adding lemon, lime or fresh herbs. Herbal teas and green (but really, no fruit) juices are a good option as well.


Experiment in The Kitchen.

I got you on this one! Just head to the Eat Well section of my webpage to find numerous of easy and healthy recipes. Craving another chef? Try searching online for “healthy recipes for lazy cooks” to find millions of healthy options at your fingertips. Start with one new recipe a week and see how it goes.


Focus On How You Want To Feel, Not How You Want To Look.

Looks are ever changing, but true health comes from within. Try to think about how you want to feel as a result of changing your eating habits. Ask yourself a few questions and write down the answers. Maybe keep the answers as a background on your phone or put them on your fridge as a daily reminder. Here are some simple examples:

I want to feel light.

I want to feel energized.

I want to feel free.

I want to feel empowered.


Rethink Dairy, Gluten and Sugar.

Sorry fam, but they are not doing you any good. They keep you inflamed and bloated, leaving you with cravings and less energy. Dairy is made for baby cows to grow as fast as possible, so imagine what it does to a human body? Wheat is not what it used to be back in the day and is now instead of a healthy staple highly inflammatory. And sugar? It feeds everything that you don’t want inside your body while providing no nutrients, increases inflammation and its bad news for your skin.

There’s a lot of other options out there. Check this post out to get the full scoop on dairy and to find your new favourite plant based milk instead. Enjoy fruits and dates or raw food desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Im not saying that you can never enjoy either of these three things, but see through the eyes of truth as the dangerous (but delicious) treat it is.

Recipe suggestions: Vegan Cheese SauceHummus BreadPumpkin PancakesKitten Protein CrunchHealthy Banana BreadGarlic Kale Chips, Chickpea Stuffed Sweet PotatoesCheese Dip


Detoxify Your Body, Life and Home

This one is my speciality. You see, if you want to lose weight its important to detox your pantry and fridge. But why stop there? When you realise how many different cancerogenics and other crazy ingredients that hide in cleaning and personal care products, you are chocked. PS: change your laundry detergent for these wonders of nature!

Toxins are everywhere, but with conscious choices such as choosing organic and small clean brands makes a huge difference to your bodys systems. These are my favourite clean beauty brands and sites.


Blender to The Rescue! (aka drink your greens)

A simple and healthy meal for me is always a green smoothie. Make it with some spinach, banana and strawberries for an easy snack when you just don’t feel like cooking. Here’s a guide on what protein powder to choose as well as a few recipes 🙂

Greens are such an important staple in our diets, and most people do not get enough. Adding it to smoothies and juices is an easy fix to make sure that you are staying on point in the green game!


Move Your Body!

I love exercising and never go without 2 days without it unless I am sick or injured. Set up a routine that’s suitable for you, it’s not an all or nothing game. A little is better than nothing at all!

Plus you get to reap the benefits that includes among others: reducing your risk of a heart attack, better sleep, healthier weight, more energy, lowering the risk for many common diseases and making your bones, muscles and joints stronger which equals healthier ageing.


Make Sure That Your Mind Is a Nice Place To Be

Im sure this one is going to come up on all my lists, but meditation is really that big of a key. It increases your awareness, making you able to create new pathways for yourself. It lowers your stress and makes you sexier. It boosts your immune system and makes you able to detach and focus more. I can go on and on, but just try it for yourself for a month and see for yourself!