Top 10 to become more spiritual

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJanuary 7, 2022

Work With The Moon

Working with the moon has brought me so much magic. When the moon is full its the perfect time to release and let go. I usually write down all that no longer serves me and is weighing me down on a paper and burn it. When the new moon comes around, its the time to manifest and call in all that you want to create and have in your life. Write it in present tense as you already have it and feel how it would feel to have or be that you wish for in your heart.

This is key to manifesting our desires. Remember, all that is yours is already on its way to you.



Feels like I am mentioning this on all the top 10, but its really that important. With meditation you create an awareness that you are not your emotions, thoughts or what’s around you. What you are is pure light and love. This blissful realisation beings so much peace and joy into your life that it can hardly be described by words.


Various Healing Techniques

you don’t have to do it all alone. as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. I have around 10 different coaches and healers that I go to with various intervals. All from kinesiology, akashic records readers to emotion code and body talk, im open to anything that will help me on my journey to become more fully me. You should be too. Here is an interview with one of them.


Raise Your Vibration

I wrote a whole post about it, but there is a fast and easy way to raise your vibration.

Close your eyes and say to yourself:

I am the light while visualising light beaming from your core. Next, say you are the light, and visualise light beaming from someone else close to you. Lastly, say we are the light and visualise our entire planet from space beaming with light.


Mantras + High Vibing Music

I listen to the Hawaiian prayer ho’oponopono everyday. I also have a lot of other mantras and music that I play to get myself into a high zone. Here’s a link to my Spotify playlist if you are unsure where to start 🙂


Frequency Tunes

This sort of goes into the previous category but I feel like it needs its on space on this list. Why? Cause this is music that you can play anytime while doing anything. Usually I cannot listen to music when I am working or studying, but frequency music is something different. There are different frequencies for different aspects of your life, but my go to is 528 HZ, the universal love frequency.



Write them down on your mirror or in your journal, say them out loud or repeat them in your head. But please, use this tool to program yourself. The ones repeated in my life as of lately are: I am love. I am always protected and guided. I am healing. I am safe to show up fully as myself. I am abundant in every way and money flows to me with ease. I am open to getting paid well for what I do well with ease.


Be Here Now

Everything can turn into a meditation if you are present. When you give yourself 100% to the Now moment, you are meditating. Washing the dishes? Don’t let your mind run away. Walking outside? Really look around at the trees, grass and sky and feel yourself from the inside of your body. You are here Now, and you do not ever exist in any other place and the now moment dear honey bee. This is where you have all your power.


Ask and You Shall Receive

Praying is so powerful. It makes me feel connected and supported. Also, angels and spirit guides are very much real. I have met a few and they have saved me countless of times. Here is the thing though, you need to ask for their assistance if you want it. There is a divine law that these beings are not allowed to interfere in human lives unless the human asks for it. So go ahead; ask, pray, say your thanks and get ready to receive.