Traveling green

Written by Kajsa IngelssonOctober 29, 2017

I had some people commenting on the fact that I travel too much to truly be a sustainable warrior for our planet. While it’s true, traveling, and in particular long distance flights put a big toll on our planet, not to mention that we tend to sway of our regular diets and eat unhealthier while away, I still call myself a sustainable warrior by great measures!

Because even though I do travel a lot, there’s a green app to help me to stay green while traveling this beautiful globe of ours! Actually, there are several apps I use to make it easier being eco-conscious while traveling.

First, calculate your carbon footprint before your trip here. After you opened your eyes to that uncomfortable truth, considering off-putting your carbon footprint here. And voila! All of a sudden you did something good and can feel green and great before you upcoming trip!

When booking your hotel or just making a must see/do list before heading off, try downloading the FairTrip app. It will hook you up with authentic green places such as restaurants, hotels, airbnbs and activities respecting mother nature.

OK, you reached, unpacked and are now hungry AF! What to do? Download Happy Cow! This app spans worldwide and let’s you search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants close to you. It’s never been easier to eat for the planet!

So you got some food in your belly, what’s your next move? If you are anything like me, maybe time for some shopping? Fear not, there’s a site that is my to go for making sure that I support vintage and small business instead of mega dirty corporations:

Life of Mjau’s very own page Vintage Chic holds a directory with a search function so that you can find the coolest second hand stores in your current city. There’s nothing that gets me going as fast as a nice vintage find, I tell you guys, its like clothing crack! And pretty please, don’t forget to submit your favorite store for us to feature if it’s missing!

Last but not least, instead of riding an uber to and from all your activities, why not give Spinlister a try? It’s like the airbnb of bikes, so you will get your sweat on and produce less carbon at the same time. Now that’s something I would like to call a win-win!

What are you waiting for? Use the search engine Ecosia and plant trees while searching the web for your new trip adventure!