Sustainability is Not an All or Nothing Game

Written by Kajsa IngelssonJune 18, 2020

I know it seems as an impossible task to change the world and save us from the sixth mass-extinction. There’s just so many problems in so many different areas; plastic pollution, climate change, factory farming, palm oil production and all the shit that comes with all of these.

In the beginning of my journey towards a greener life I would sometimes start to cry in the grocery store, it was just too overwhelming and every step that I took that wasn’t 100% pained me and caused so much guilt. It felt as if sustainability was an all or nothing game.

Now, some 5 years into this sustainable life of mine, I have realized two major things that eased my eco-grief and raised my vibration.

Number one; Perfectionism of any kind is an enemy. There is no thing as being perfect all the time. It just doesn’t exist. We need to realize, accept and embrace this as a truth down to our core. Why? Because I think it’s one of the major reasons to why people don’t try to change in the first place. That brings me to the false belief (and realization number two that follows) ; I’m only one little person and my actions do not make any difference.

Here’s the thing, individual action is the only thing that’s ever changed anything!

Every little step counts. You change the world by changing yourself.

Start small and choose something that you are passionate about.

Maybe that’s cooking or composting, activism in the form of signing petitions or one of the hundreds of other ways you can make your life more sustainable:

Recycling and plastic offsetting what you cannot put in the bin. Choosing vegan food. Going palm oil free. Only buying organic. Making a vow to stay away from GMOs. Commuting. Reducing micro-fibers from your laundry with the CoraBall. Picking up trash. Going to the local market and buying what’s in season. Trying to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. Combating climate change by carbon offsetting your trips and life. Choosing green cleaning brands. Shopping vintage and only what you need. Being open minded and reading articles like this one to further educating yourself. There’s so many different actions to take! We are all in this together, just do your best my dear honey bee!

Routines set you up for success.

I try to live a more conscious life everyday, but we are all human and it doesn’t always work out as well as I’d hope. But like anything, it’s all about progress and moving forward. Don’t let any haters get you down, any progress is still progress.

Just lead by example and share what you’ve learned with positivity and kindness. Meditate and be present so that you can be more conscious about decisions that you normally go on autopilot for. Let’s all reconnect to our planet and ancient animalistic side. The time is now.